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Dec. 20th, 2006 @ 09:18 am Oh I didnt know people still used LJ
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Since my last post... lol. I was so fucking insane at that moment. I'm on mood stabilizers now. Quit laxatives for 4 months. (Been back to taking them a little again). Have not recovered from anorexia. Not cutting or burning at all. But still not leaving my house either. Oh, but I was diagnosed with gastroparesis. So thats whats been wrong with my stomach. All treatment so far has failed. But I see another Dr in Feb. So thats good. Ummm yeh. Things still pretty much such, but I guess I'm a lot better than I was when I wrote those last 2 horrifying posts. But apparently someone read them LOL. Didnt know people still used this. All my blogs are on myspace haha, so yeh I probably look like a freak with only the really nasty posts on here. But ummmm yea. I miss my life. But until I can get my stomach taken care of, there is no life for me. I'm so sick physically, and everything is revolving around that. All my psych issues are being driven by my physical health. So I'm not so well still. But... better I guess. On Lamictal, Klonopin, Neurontin, and Celexa. Ehh, theyre helping keep me halfway sane. But theyre not Botox injections... (The newest and most effective treatment for gastroparesis)

Which is, paralasys of the stomach muscles. I dont digest or move food through my system properly. So I'm still pregnant and in pain, and wanting to throw up constantly. And as for my post and being convetionally bulimic. Haha, no gag reflex. Emetophobia didnt scare me from trying though. It's just... GP. I get so sick, I just want it out. I wish I could be normal, and not care. But I'm not. I have a nervosa disorder, and I just... cant.
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Date:December 20th, 2006 04:53 pm (UTC)
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i still post to mine.
read it! :P
not like it's that interesting though.
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Date:January 2nd, 2007 01:49 pm (UTC)
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Lamictal gave me constant headaches and made me manic. I got to the point where I decided I'd rather just be insane. So I am.